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Chronic Fatigue Support

This group is for anyone who struggles with chronic fatigue, whether you have CFS, another condition that causes chronic fatigue e.g. EBV or chronic pain, or do not have a diagnosis. Join us in a safe, supportive space. We are here for each other.

Members: 92

An Unquiet Mind - Bipolar Group Chat

A place for those with bipolar disorder to discuss with and support each other.

Members: 185

Military Veteran Caregiver Network Chat #caregiverchannel

Members: 11

Peer Supporter Directory

This group is for informational posts from Peer Supporters regarding their services and offerings on Hey Peers. To keep traffic (and email notifications) to a minimum, Peer Supporters will post no more than once/week. The group's orientation is Peer Support services e.g. coaching. Please no cross-posting from "This Week's Groups".

Members: 133

Domestic violence

Members: 74

Family of those living with Bipolar

If someone you love lives with bipolar disorder, it can begin to take a toll on you as well. I'd like to create a space where we can speak open and honestly about our struggles

Members: 37

Get to Know Peer Support Specialist Mason: Ask Me Anything!

Have a burning question you just wish you could ask someone without being ridiculed or negated? That's what Mason created this group for. Would Mason be a good peer support match for you? I don't know, let's chat and find out! If you're interested in a more personal, private chat/meeting, Mason can make that happen. Fellow peer supporters should feel free to ask questions too.

Members: 72

Song Wars

Got lyrics? Drop them here! Songs inspire my recovery every day in so many different ways. What's on your playlist that gets you through the day? What's the verse you scream-sing in the car on the way to or back from therapy? What's a song that saves the day every time it plays? User-be-warned, I may spelunk this chat for my own playlist-making purposes! <3

Members: 6

Coping with Covid

This group is for everyone who is coping with the impact the Covid-19 pandemic is having on our lives, and will provide a safe space for sharing and support. All are welcome, including those directly impacted by the virus, those with someone close to them who is affected, those fearing the health risks, those who have suffered economic loss or hardship, and those coping with the social impact including loss of physical contact and connection.

Members: 100

Parenting in a Pandemic

Come connect with others who have been dealing with the stress of Parenting in a pandemic. There will be no judgement of other's parenting decisions allowed, as we recognize that all decisions are hard right now. Whether your kid is homeschooled, virtual learning, in-person for school, or focusing on surviving, this is the place to connect.

Members: 22

Pine County Connect - Minnesota

Members: 10

Corey Hey Peers Facilitator Group Chat

I post info about Art Heals and DBT Peer Support and other things. Have a question? Ask away

Members: 3

Grief and Loss

This group is open to anyone who has or is experiencing grief including death of loved one, death of pet, loss of job

Members: 184

Name Your Own Crisis (NYOC)

This group is for anyone who is "in crisis", whatever that feels like to you. Does life seem out of control? Are you overwhelmed? Do you need help coping? Join us in a safe, supportive space. We are here for each other.

Members: 290

Autism spectrum disorder support group

For people with asd or people who know someone with asd.

Members: 28

Foster Care Alumni Group

As a foster care alumni we often face unique challenges, challenges that extend well into adulthood. Foster Care Alumni are more likely than the general public to struggle with mental illness and addiction. Wondering if there are any former foster kids interested in such a group.

Members: 4

Left Handed Thinking

Please contact me if you would like to learn how to become ambidextrous in your thinking.

Members: 29

Schizophrenia Supporters

This is for anyone who is friends or family with someone diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder or experiences psychosis. It is difficult to support someone who experiences psychosis, especially when they don't know they are sick. Those of us who support someone struggling with this need support too.

Members: 14

Hoarding/Clutter Support

This group is for anyone who has issues with hoarding or clutter. These behaviors can affect our home, personal and social lives in negative ways. Join us in a safe, supportive space. We are here for each other.

Members: 59

Anxiety Support Group - LGBT

Designed for members interested in Anxiety Support Groups specific to the queer community.

Members: 27

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