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Rise and Thrive

I would like to bring some general positivity to each and everyone's lives. Let us share positive experiences and affirmations.

Members: 47

Supporting a Partner with Mood Disorders

Support chat for individuals who live with or support a loved one living with Mood Disorders

Members: 132

Codependency Peer Support with Adam

This chat is open to any and all who are looking for information, encouragement and support for codependency issues.

Members: 59

Anxiety Support Group - LGBT

Designed for members interested in Anxiety Support Groups specific to the queer community.

Members: 514

Art Heals

Share your art-poetry, paintings, music, etc. How does art help you?

Members: 497

Bipolar Support w/ Lori

This chat is designed for members of the Sunday Sunrise and Thankful Thursday Bipolar Support Groups. Sunday Sunrise is held every Sunday morning at 9am EST and Thankful Thursday is held every Thursday at 6 pm EST. I hope to see you for confidential sharing and support with the struggles of bipolar. You may also join if you feel you may have a bipolar mood disorder.

Members: 16

BIPOLAR WELLNESS: How to Recover from Bipolar Illness

This group is for all who cope with bipolar or mood disorders. There is a weekly meeting covering many topics related to achieving wellness with bipolar disorder. Chat is supplemental to the group meetings and for anyone interested in recovery for Bipolar Disorder.

Members: 2037

The Road to Recovery: Eating Disorder Support Group

Welcome! This chat is a safe space for individuals who are on their eating disorder recovery journey. Recovery may look different for everyone, but support can make all the difference.

Members: 62

PTSD: sharing and support

This chat is for people who experience symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Panic attacks, hypervigilance, night terrors/nightmares, insomnia, guilt, shame, anger outburst, substance abuse, safety behaviors, severe anxiety, trouble concentrating, inability to maintain relationships, isolation, social anxiety.

Members: 580

Depression Support

Welcome! Vince Caimano our Co-Founder and CEO is currently moderating this chat room. Post here to get and give support. If you are in crisis call 988, 911, or text HELP to 741741. We are not a crisis response service.

Members: 2636

Talk with Luanne for friends and Family memberts

Friends and family of those with a mental Illness. A safe place to share

Members: 33

Small Habits for Big Change

A place to talk about simple things we can do today to make our lives better tomorrow. Monitored daily 3:00-4:00pm MST unless otherwise posted.

Members: 53

Get It Done When You're Depressed (GIDWYD)

This chat is for anyone interested in Get It Done When You’re Depressed: 50 Strategies for Keeping Your Life on Track By Julie A. Fast and John D. Preston, and working through the book in our weekly meetings hosted by Diana and Chance.

Members: 1206

Anxiety Support Chat Room (ASCR)

This group is for anyone struggling with anxiety disorders: phobias, social anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, panic attacks, excessive worry or any other issues with anxiety.All peers and peer supporters are welcome to join. We have a no solicitation/no promotion policy for peer supporters.

Members: 3489

Mental Health Wellness

Mental Health Wellness group chat is a confidential space for all. Please note this is a chat group, if you are seeking additional support that requires more focus/time, you may schedule a 1:1 session or group session. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room or dial 9-1-1. You can also dial 9-8-8 to reach the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline or text TALK to 38255 or text HELP to 741741.

Members: 109

New Members - Connect with Our Staff

This chat group is monitored by our Co-Founder and CEO Vince Caimano and other senior staff. We would be very pleased to offer you a personal welcome and answer any questions you may have.

Members: 1403

Grief and Loss

This group is open to anyone who has or is experiencing grief: death of loved one, death of pet, loss of job or relationship and any other type of loss or issue you may be grieving.

Members: 1239

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