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Saving Me

This group chat is for parents who have a mental illness and have a child or children with special needs.

Members: 39

Men's Sexual Integrity

This chat is for discussing issues related to men's sexual integrity.

Members: 7

Daily Check-in & Affirmation

This is a chat space that will offer a daily affirmation and space to check in with how you are doing, and how your day is going, and/or offer your own affirmations to share with others that you are finding helpful.

Members: 36

An Unquiet Mind - Bipolar Group Chat

A place for those with bipolar disorder to discuss with and support each other.

Members: 275

Stress and Anxiety: NO COVID please

A group for those who want to talk about everyday life and consistent stressors without mention of COVID-19.

Members: 223

Mindfulness & Meditation (M&M)

This chat group is for anyone with an interest in mindfulness or meditation techniques. Topics include how mindfulness & meditation can be applied to mental health challenges, and how to incorporate these practices into our daily lives.

Members: 157

Judaism and Mental Health

Using Jewish values to help with mental health recovery.

Members: 27

Chronic Pain Chat

This group chat is for anyone who suffers from chronic pain. Back/spinal pain, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, limb pain, rheumatism, etc. However or wherever you deal with chronic pain in your body, join us to discuss the ways it affects us and the challenges it presents in our lives.

Members: 136

Anxiety Support Chat Room (ASCR)

This group is for anyone struggling with anxiety disorders: phobias, social anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, panic attacks, excessive worry or any other issues with anxiety. All peers and peer supporters are welcome to join. We have a no solicitation/no promotion policy for peer supporters.

Members: 760

Special Education Advocacy

Ask the experts about how to be a successful advocate for your child in school K-12.

Members: 12

Schizophrenia Supporters

This is for anyone who is friends or family with someone diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder or experiences psychosis. It is difficult to support someone who experiences psychosis, especially when they don't know they are sick. Those of us who support someone struggling with this need support too.

Members: 25

Art Heals

Share your art-poetry, paintings, music, etc. How does art help you?

Members: 19

COVID-19 Stress and Anxiety

How are we using our coping skills in this time of great need? How have our lives been disrupted? Let's talk about it.

Members: 79


This is part of You Are A Old Fart If on Facebook it is a place we can meet and talk about the good old days and have some fun

Members: 11

Brain Injury Support

This chat room is available for individuals to discuss challenges, changes, and triumphs after brain injury.

Members: 29

Sibling rivalry: Support

Adult sibling rivalry is jealousy, competition and fighting between brothers and sisters.

Members: 3

Mania and Spirituality

A place where we can discuss, share, and explore the relationship between mania and spirituality.

Members: 59

depression and anxiety battles

Members: 800

Song Wars

Got lyrics? Drop them here! Songs inspire my recovery every day in so many different ways. What's on your playlist that gets you through the day? What's the verse you scream-sing in the car on the way to or back from therapy? What's a song that saves the day every time it plays? User-be-warned, I may spelunk this chat for my own playlist-making purposes! <3

Members: 15

Caregiver Daily Check in/Dementia Awareness

Sharing your caregiver's journey.

Members: 1

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