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DBSA Exeter NH Chatroom

Members: 19

MPAC Peer 2 Peer Chat

The MPAC Peer 2 Peer Chat Room was created to support Maryland peers within the workforce.

Members: 17

MPAC Peer 2 Peer Chat

Members: 37

attachment disorder/adoption trauma

For those that struggle with being adopted and have attachment disorder. you are not alone. The feelings are normal and are mixed about things lets help each other through this and learn to grow.

Members: 46

Q and A

For peer supporters or peers, ask away and ill do my best to figure out the solution or answer to any question

Members: 10

Military Veteran Caregiver Network Chat #caregiverchannel

Members: 11

Pine County Connect - Minnesota

Members: 11

Foster Care Alumni Group

As a foster care alumni we often face unique challenges, challenges that extend well into adulthood. Foster Care Alumni are more likely than the general public to struggle with mental illness and addiction. Wondering if there are any former foster kids interested in such a group.

Members: 4


This is part of You Are A Old Fart If on Facebook it is a place we can meet and talk about the good old days and have some fun

Members: 9

Self Care

This group is all about what self care is, ways to do it and making sure we are doing it so let's make it fun so we are!

Members: 11

Support Group for Loss of Child/Children

This is a group for support of anyone who has lost a child of any age.

Members: 10

Food Industry Chat

A safe space for all Food Service Industry professionals to vent, chat, and support each other!

Members: 4

Winter Blues

Talk about feeling down during the winter

Members: 20

Fun ideas

Let's get together and discuss some fun activities

Members: 16

SMART Recovery information

I’ve been asked for information about what SMART Recovery is. The first link is a short brief video description.The second has much more detail. There are tons of videos on YouTube. Smart Recovery links Brief Intro The Best of SMART: The Tools (longer video)

Members: 6

Welcome! Randi Goss Facilitator Group Chat

This chat group is my way of saying my door is open to hold space. Lets walk together on the wild ride of life. Stories are powerful. What is yours? I would like to get to know you as I share my lived mental health story and listen to yours.

Members: 17

BPD - Living in the grey

Living in the grey.

Members: 35

Special Education Advocacy

Ask the experts about how to be a successful advocate for your child in school K-12.

Members: 11



Members: 21

Transgender and Nonbinary Gender Mental Health Chat

This group is a safe space for queer people of non-cis genders (with any sexuality) to talk about how the current state of the world/life in general effects their mental health and quality of life. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts. Differences of opinion are respected here, as long as they are delivered with that same respect.

Members: 56

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