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Why Should You Join HeyPeers?

HeyPeers is a thriving community of compassionate, certified Peer Supporters. By joining, you can provide much-needed support to individuals seeking guidance and empathy from people who have walked similar paths. It's a peer support marketplace that safely connects individuals seeking support with certified peer supporters or organizations that span a range of specializations within peer support.

As a Peer Supporter, you get access to the following:

  Offer Services to Peers.
Manage your peer support groups, host meetings, and offer services to peers, all within a safe and confidential platform
  Expand Your Reach.
With HeyPeers, your peer supporter profile becomes accessible to a broader audience, enhancing your reach and impact.
  Connect Globally.
Our community has thousands of members worldwide, eager to connect and share experiences. You'll have the opportunity to touch lives across the globe from the comfort of your home.
  Build Resilience.
By sharing your wisdom and life experiences, you can help others become more resilient and capable of handling life's challenges.

Empower Others

Everything you need to empower others

We provide certified Peer Supporters the opportunity to help others by leading support groups or individual coaching sessions on our platform on their own schedules. We provide tools, such as private chatrooms, scheduling automation, and in-platform connections to help you reach more people.

Peer Coaching

Work with individuals one-on-one to help them create wellness plans and encourage them to implement their plans and make progress.

Group Meetings

We provide state of the art online meeting tools to help you host group meetings. You can create a meeting, set a schedule, and invite peers to join your meeting. You can host up to 45 peers in a meeting.


You can connect with peers through our chatrooms. You can create public or private group chatrooms. You can also connect with peers through private one-on-one chatrooms.

It is a gift to be able offer support with intentional service with others. At HeyPeers, an organization created by peers, I have been welcomed into a compassionate team of diverse and beautiful people who serve others from a place of knowing, connection, mutuality, and trust, creating a hopeful community that reaches people around the world.

Madonna Arsenault
Certified Peer Supporter

Eligibility Requirements

Requirements for Being a Peer Supporter

To ensure the quality of support offered on the HeyPeers marketplace, we require training and proof of expertise from all peer supporters

Must be Adult (18+)

To be eligible to be a Peer Supporter, you must be at least 18 years old and agree to the HeyPeers Terms and Conditions and Independent Peer Supporter Agreement.

Certification Required

All Peer Supporter applications are reviewed and approved by HeyPeers staff. Acceptable certifications: a state issued Peer Supporter Certification, a state issued Peer Recovery Specialist Certification, a National Peer Support Certification.



One plan, simple pricing

Grow your peer support business with HeyPeers.

Choose monthly or yearly

$9 USD / month


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$86 USD / year

What’s included

  • Manage your own peer support groups
  • Offer services to peers
  • Manage your own group chatrooms
  • Peer Supporter profile with credentials
Note: We will only charge you once you are approved as a Peer Supporter.

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