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We provide secure online peer support and coaching for employees with robust tools for employers , EAPs, and Benefit Providers

Many employees suffer in silence when they are experiencing personal problems.

This contributes to "presenteeism", lost productivity, and higher health care costs. Peer support is a proven complement to traditional therapy and counseling because it is less costly, drives similar outcomes, and decreases the wait times to get help that have become the norm from the shortage of mental health clinicians.

Our platform provides personalized help by matching individuals with a certified or licensed peer coach and appropriate content. Our trained Peer Supporters are individuals who have recovered from dealing with a similar problemand have the skills to move your employees forward.

HeyPeers provide personalized online peer support. We match employees need such as those with anixety with trained peer supporters and coaches who have similar life experiences. Our peer supporters and coaches use evidence-based content and programs to ensure that we deliver high quality support to employees.

We have also built a portfolio of tools to help Employers, EAPs, and administrators onboard, monitor and track population wellness and participation data and analytics.


Peer Support for Employers and EAPS

Positive Impact on Employees Life

Evidence from research shows that peer support from those with shared life experiences can reduce social isolation, mitigate the severity of personal challenges, improve employee productivity and retention.

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Help your Bottom Line

We believe that our platform can help employers improve worker productivity, reduce sick-days, reduce health care claims and related costs, and attract new employees.

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Trusted Platform

HeyPeers has analytics that track de-identified data from your partcipating members so you can better measure the impact of peer support on the lives of your workforce and the impact on your healthcare costs.

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Complement to EAP and Similar Clinical Programs

Peer support should be used as another health care benefit tool, not as a replacement to counseling that maybe provided by your EAP or insurance benefit program.

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Depression Case Study:1,000 Employees

Reduce annual costs up to 80%

Group peer support, bolstered with evidence based content, can reduce the use of emergency rooms, urgent care and hospital readmissions by 50% or more. In addition, rates for peer support can be 80% less than online therapy.

HeyPeers Peer Support Groups can reduce the use of emergency rooms, and hospital readmissions by 50% or more. Therapy and counseling rates which often exceed $60 per session, can be reduced by 80%.


Why offer HeyPeers?

Workplace mental health is a growing challenge. However, there is no single solution, and employers are beginning to recognize the value of providing high quality peer support for their employees as a tool alongside providing a limited number of sessions from a therapist through your EAP or benefits provider.

HeyPeers curates trained and certified peer supporters so that your employees can be matched with the best support resources available (qualifications, type of support expertise) and have access to ongoing emotional, social, and mental health support.


We believe Employers should be able to provide their employees with low cost mental health options that are effective and easily accessible.


We do that by providing turnkey solutions for group peer support and 1on1 peer coaching that is staffed by Trained Peer Supporters.


The proven support is delivered through our robust heypeers platform that makes it easy for case managers.