We believe that peer support should be simple, safe, personalized, and affordable. HeyPeers is our way of making that happen.

Our mission is to help more people improve their lives by leveraging innovative technology and evidence-based peer support programs.


Our Impact

Peer support is proven to help those that are facing emotional and behavioral healthcare challenges.

First, Peer Support has been shown to improve the quality of life, increase and improve engagement with services, and can increase whole health and self-management. (Mental Health America, 2018).

Second, Peer Support decreases the severity and frequency of depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental and emotional health challenges. Our own studies have shown that video based peer support meetings can reduce the severity of depression, for example, by 33%. Click here to receive a copy of our white paper on the effectiveness of online Peer Support.

Third, multiple studies have demonstrated that peer support reduces hospital readmissions by as much as 72% resulting in significant cost savings for providers, payers, employers and care management organizations.

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Some of our Team Members


Vince Caimano, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO


Josh Roberto

Co-Founder and Chief Product Development


Rob Edenzon

Chief Growth Officer

team member tucker keatley

Tucker Keatley, LCSW

Clinical Director

Who Uses our Peer Support Platforms?

HeyPeers is a thriving Community with tens of thousands of peers, coaches, trained supporters, and those that are willing to help.


Non-profits that are dedicated to support or treating behavioral health, chronic illnesses, rare diseases, trauma, grief, substance use, and other challenges for veterans, front line workers, parents, caregivers, patients, and many other populations.

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For Profits

Employers, health care insurance plans, managed care organizations, behavioral services, employee assistance programs, and health care providers.

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Anyone seeking help, or those that can provide coaching, peer support group facilitation, or those that simply want to listen or share their experiences.

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Our Story

Vince Caimano and Josh Roberto are the Co-Founders of HeyPeers. They joined their companies together earlier in 2019 to create HeyPeers.


"HeyPeers is the innovator in online peer support "

Executive Director, Health Care Non Profit