Independent Peer Supporter Agreement

Note: To ensure the quality of support offered on HeyPeers, we require training and proof of expertise from all peer supporters. A qualifying peer supporter will have a state or national peer support certification that is up to date. Each year we review certifications to ensure they are valid and up to date. We reserve the right to suspend any account that does not have a valid state or national peer supporter certification. It is the sole responsibility of the independent peer supporter to ensure their information is updated.

Terms of Services:

  • I understand that my work on HeyPeers will be as a Peer Supporter - someone who has lived experience that is similar to the people I work with. I will share from that experience to encourage others and provide helpful information when requested.
  • I further understand that I will not provide professional counseling, therapy or other services even if I am qualified to do so elsewhere.

Chat rooms:

It is the responsibility of the Peer Supporter to monitor their chat room regularly. Peer Supporters who do not actively post in their public Chat rooms every 24-48 hours will be sent a warning, and if action is not taken will have that Chat room closed. Please be advised of the chatroom guidelines and monitor that participants are following them. If you have someone in your chat room who is violating terms and conditions, please submit a violation report and include as much detail as possible. If you decide to delete the comment, please screenshot it for future reference. Chat rooms that are unmonitored by the moderator are subject to being closed after 30 days.

Crisis services:

HP does not provide crisis services. If you have someone in your chat room that is in a crisis you should direct them to the national crisis line at 988.

Support Meetings:

Peer Supporters are responsible for scheduling and canceling their meetings on HeyPeers, and for maintaining a healthy meeting space and enforcing Meeting Behavior Expectations.

Meeting Refunds:

When you cancel a meeting we will automatically apply a refund to all registered users. Registered participants who cancel their registration more than 24-hours before the start of a meeting will automatically be provided a refund by HeyPeers. Peer Supporters who fail to attend a meeting that they scheduled will be responsible to issue a refund to each registered participant - failure to do so may result in funds being withheld or transferred by HeyPeers.

Group Guidelines:

HeyPeers makes available group guidelines that can be used or modified for use in groups and or chat rooms.

Contact Us

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