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Hello Everyone. My Name is Pamela. I'm proud of you for taking the steps to come here for whatever reason. Everyone is on their own journey and at their own pace . For years I struggled with multiple Mental Challenges, Addiction, People, Places and Things. I'm sharing this to encourage, motivate and give hope in times of darkness right where you are. You're not alone. Here to build people up. I see you and I hear you. You are worthy of a life you desire.

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About Pamela "Firefly" Stikeleather


Hi. My name is Pamela Stikeleather. I'm a Certified Peer Support Specialist of NC, Journey in recovery, Mental and Addiction started 13 years ago. Support, Therapy Groups and a community where unconditional love was shown, is a priority of mine. Sharing my story, education with others. If we take the steps, do the work and be authentic, take the mask off, use the skills we learn along the way, be open minded with ourselves. There is Hope. I believe in people, because I believe in myself.


My Recovery Story

Recovery is a lifestyle for me. Each step, learning, sharing my story. Negative thoughts, life to unconditional love, hope, understanding, authenticity for myself, others.

My Motivation To Help

Education not Discrimination, this is what motivates me. "Peeling the layers off " , Self Discovery, Image, Worthiness, Self Care, Wellness Recovery Action Plan and a lot more.

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