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Hi everyone, I'm genuinely happy you've found this peer support platform. Take a moment, look around, check out the groups and peer supporter profiles, see what's a good fit for you. Ask questions, connect with peer supporters, join chat and support groups, whatever works for you.

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About Diana Babcock


My life journey has been unique, kind of like a patchwork quilt, a piece from here, a piece from there... Some of those pieces have extra meaning for me, every piece has value. I'm always open to learn from others as well as share things that have worked for me.


Recovery Story

For me it is about balance and what that looks like. Life can be challenging, difficulties rise, things get messy. I have routines, tools and supports that help me breathe easier each day.

My Motivation To Help

I came to the understanding "They no longer have power over me" and there was a shift internally that helped me to show up for myself. A very large part of my motivation to be here is that I didn't know peer support existed during the darker times of my life. Feeling alone when struggling with things can be really difficult. Having support that understands and also comes from a space of hope was one of my most valuable resources.

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