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Hi everyone, I'm happy you've found this peer support platform, it takes a lot of guts/courage/bravery to look for ways to make life better, those steps aren't easy to take. Give yourself a moment to look around, ask questions, check out the groups and peer supporter profiles, see what's a good fit for you.

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About Diana Babcock


My life journey has been unique, kind of like a patchwork quilt, a piece from here, a piece from there... Some of those pieces have extra meaning for me, every piece has value, even the most difficult ones. I use a lot of different things to help me stay connected with myself, so I can breathe a bit easier and have steady footing when challenges show up. There's much I could say, I'll put these words to that muchness: "Find you someone who, when the messy snotty tears show up, they don't feel like they have to hand you a kleenex". This simply means they are okay with the messiness and can be with you in a gentle and supportive way and let you be you. If you would like to schedule a 1:1 and can't work with what I have listed on my profile, reach out through the chat feature, we can figure out a time that works for both of us.


My Recovery Story

For me it is about balance and what that looks like. Life can be challenging, difficulties rise, things get messy. I have routines, tools and supports that help me breathe easier each day.

My Motivation To Help

I came to the understanding "They no longer have power over me" and there was a shift internally that helped me to show up for myself. A very large part of my motivation to be here is that I didn't know peer support existed during the darker times of my life. Feeling alone when struggling with things can be really difficult. Having support that understands and also comes from a space of hope was one of my most valuable resources.

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Diana Babcock's HPC facilitator Chat Group

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A place to connect, ask questions, share ideas, support each other

New Mother and Post-Partum Support - (Diana, Hey Peers certified peer specialist)

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Hi, this chat is for anyone who's experienced pregnancy and pregnancy loss, nicu, post-partum, and anything else that I may not think of. I'm a mother of three adults, seven grandchildren, have experienced pregnancy loss, post-partum. A safe place here where you can connect with others.


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HeyPeers Certified 1:1 Peer Coaching with Diana
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