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About Diana Babcock


How do we find and hold on to hope in a practical and useful sense when life has thrown us some stumbling moments, things are difficult, all while learning how to be true to who we are as a person? In remembering the times when I had no hope, life was dealing some pretty hard challenges, I learned it is okay to begin the steps of trusting again and asking for support. Some tools I've found helpful in this process are WRAP, creating a strong support network, diet, art, music and support from others who have walked a similar path.


Recovery Story

Recovery means taking possession of something lost, many different ways of interpretation for that. I am always learning different ways to stay balanced and well, to keep hope.


I can truly say I'm happy you've found your way to this space, where there are people who understand the path that got you here. Dig around, find what suits you, let your inner sense be your guide. I believe in you.

My Motivation To Help

I don't know if it would be called paying it forward, understanding the dark times, my calling in life, I just know watching others on their journeys, whether doing well or struggling, when they are asking questions, figuring out how to live and breath easier, sharing what works for them, it brings a smile and hope to me.

My Chatrooms

Computer Use for Seniors

Members: 18

Hi. I'm SEARCHING for Peer Support in Computer Use for Seniors. Please assist. Thank You Martha Williams Martie

Trauma & Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Members: 126

A public chat for any questions you may have. I have used the above tags because of my own personal experiences and diagnoses. If there are questions you are uncomfortable asking here, feel free to private chat with me.

Depression Recovery Group for Women

Members: 163

This is a group support chat for women, to compliment the DRG (Depression Recovery Group for Women). We'll be using the same material as well as get more ideas of topics from you to talk about. Just the same as Support Group Central, same time, 7-8:30 on Thursdays with the same facilitators, Diana and Valerie. Come, talk, vent, listen, learn, all the same as before :)

Parenting Support Group

Members: 9

You are not alone. Times are changing and uncertain. The stress from the current situation and changing needs of parenting can be challenging. Join us at an upcoming support group. Learn from your facilitators Thomara and Diana on how you can ease the stress caused by challenging situations and from parents like you who are going through similar situations. You will receive real life tips and strategies. You will leave feeling connected and not alone and hopefully learn how to approach your own situation.

The 7 A's of Acceptance

Members: 18

A frank, open discussion about the connection between stress and our health, while looking at what walking a path of wellness means for us. We will be using the work of Gabor Mate's book "When The Body Says NO, Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection" and Paul Chek's video discussions.

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