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I am an imperfect human named Elliott who is also a certified Mental Health & Recovery Peer Specialist. I live with a diagnosis of Bipolar Type II, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and have a history of opiod misuse. My life mission is to create spaces where people can feel safe being their open and honest selves. Because I live in a partnership with my diagnoses I am able to create a life that is healthy, self-directed and I love guiding others in doing the same! Email elliottniblack@gmail.com for 1:1 Peer Support Sessions


My Recovery Story

When I was 12 years old, I lost all memories due an episode of dissociative amnesia. I felt alone in (re)learning the world. The voices in my head, overmedication and sadness led to suicide attempts in my 20's. Years with therapists, doctors, and my success with the diagnosis of Bipolar II, ADHD and am opioid misuse helped me become an elementary school teacher. I recognized that everyone is hurting in their own unique way. I believe all us, by the virtue of being imperfect humans deserve support via love and community. By being with others in support we learn how to be ourselves.

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