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Hello! I'm so glad to see you all here and I look forward to meeting and connecting with you.


About Jessica Larriva


I'm a fellow passenger on this flying rock with many years of lived experience in recovery from a broad spectrum of trauma. My qualifications include Peer Support certification from COPA Health, managing a board and care home for those recently discharged from detox facilities and psychiatric hospitals, and thousands of hours sharing my experience and offering support to anyone who confided their struggles. My peer support style is one of meeting each individual where they are at and supporting them in where they want to go. You're steering the ship, I'm just the passenger and co-navigator. The most impactful experience in my own recovery has been to be seen, heard and validated. I believe this is the cornerstone for connection and healing from trauma, and I endeavor to bring that into every interaction.


My Recovery Story

My recovery story is still being written one day at a time, one step at a time. Exploring a variety of therapy modalities including CBT, EMDR and somatic experiencing has given me an immense toolbox to heal from decades of trauma. I continue to explore ways to manage my chronic illness and maintain my quality of life, taking time each day to honor where I've been and nurture myself physically and emotionally.

My Motivation To Help

The early days of my recovery where quite lonely, as I struggled to find others who had been though similar experiences. It was that struggle that inspired me share my own story; to let others know that they are not alone, and that healing is possible.

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