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Yulissa D.
Thursday, Nov 23, 2023 | 10:00pm - 11:00pm EST
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HeyPeers offers groups for college students who are transitioning into adulthood while also dealing with the significant challenges associated with being in college. Students can be concerned about their choice of school and major – are they what they expected? Do they need to make a change at some point? Are they away from family on an extended basis for the first time? Do they miss family and friends? Are they coming to a deeper understanding of themselves and who they are? Do they feel comfortable about making important decisions on their own? Is the level and amount of academic work difficult to manage? How do they deal with commuting? Living with others? Figuring out how to study complete assignments in a new environment with a more unstructured schedule? There may be new relationships that are complex or deeper. There may be new activities: social, academic enhancements, sports, etc. How to choose which to invest time in? How to juggle academics, activities, relationships, etc. all at once? The HeyPeers College Student groups are where you will find others who are dealing with the same issues. Here’s a place where you can confidentially express your concerns, get ideas from others, and enjoy their support. Try one out today!

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She's great and extremely sweet and relatable!
Nov 09, 2023
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