Anxiety Support Group

HeyPeers Certified Meeting
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Lori H.
Thursday, Oct 19, 2023 | 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT
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About this meeting
Our anxiety support groups are for individuals with anxiety, panic, or phobias of all kinds. You will learn about anxiety and discover self-management tools to master the challenges that it presents. You will also have the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with others who have similar experiences and grow through mutual support. These meetings are confidential and anonymous and led by Certified Peer Specialists.

About the host
Struggling? I’ve been there! I am Lori and have lived with Bi-Polar II, anxiety and panic attacks, depression and PTSD from trauma and toxic relationships most of my adult life. I also have members of my inner circle that also live with various life challenges. I live on both sides of the mental health journey. I received my certification from UNC-Chapel Hill in Peer Support in 2014. However, I have been listening to others and sharing my own experiences most of my life. I have rebuilt my life several times and explored the question of “who am I” and “why am and I here” multiple times through life. I try to live by the motto of "Living Life Forward"
Motivation for help
I am a certified HeyPeers facilitator and Peer Support saved my life. I have been successful in the recovery process and want to help others experiencing similar situations through understanding, respect, and empowerment. I offer one on one coaching and support. Contact me directly to schedule one on one sessions.
Recent reviews
There are certain facilitators that I seek out whenever I’m feeling less than my best; and seeing Lori and Melanie on today’s schedule reassured me that I would leave this meeting feeling better than I did when I arrived. It’s really important to me that I have that experience after attending any support group; and absolutely predictable when I’m attending Lori’s. Thank you for always showing up the way you do~you’re an absolute angel in the eyes of those you’ve shown up to hold space for in order to support. Everyday is worth the fight to be in community with people like you😇💕
Jul 08, 2024
Lori is fantastic. She excels at making us feel heard and cared for during the group. We were able to get vulnerable and make a lot of progress together.
Jul 08, 2024
awesome family in this group
Jul 08, 2024
Lori does an excellent job!
Jul 07, 2024
Great meeting as always!
Jul 04, 2024
Kayla did a good job of keeping the conversation going even though the group didn’t bring up topics during introductions.
Jul 03, 2024
Lori is one of the best facilitators on the platform
Jul 02, 2024
Lori is an amazing facilitator. She it’s really kind and empathetic. She listens attentively, gives positive feedback and also shares about her own recovery journey. Lori gives everyone the opportunity to participate but doesn’t pressure anyone.
Jul 02, 2024
Melanie was so gracious as a leader and Lori was very organized in leading the overall session.
Jul 01, 2024
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Welcome to HeyPeers Certified Meetings!

HeyPeers Certified meetings are facilitated by Group Leaders who have lived experience with the topic of the meeting they are facilitating. They have completed training, passed exams and have met other requirements in their state to become cerified. Some of our CPSs are also nationally certified and most have other credentials as well. Most HeyPeers Certifed meetings are 90 minutes in length and include a discussion of helpful tips and techniques.