Teachers Helping Teachers

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Topic: Pre K to 6

Teachers Helping Teachers


This group will connect you with fellow Pre K to 6 teachers to learn from and encourage each other. Each meeting will give you the opportunity to ask questions, share from your experience and support teachers in similar roles. One of the chief benefits of our groups is that you will meet with a great variety of teachers from many school districts. You will hear perspectives on difficult classroom and professional issues and be inspired. The facilitator for this group has worked with hundreds of teachers and will guide the discussion for the good of all.

HeyPeers School Services

HeyPeers recognizes the inherent stressors and challenges that individuals experience in educational systems. Students, teachers, administrators and parents all try to work together to make learning work but all can become frustrated in the complex educational environment. HeyPeers Student Services brings individuals together with others who are in the same role to help and support each other. Each session will have some brief self-help tips to explore and open discussion of the participant's issues and successes. Meetings will be led by trained facilitators who have personal experience that is similar to that of the participants. Scheduled sessions are "drop-in" meetings - you may register for one at a time - no long term commitment is required. Register for a meeting today!