Anne Nicholson

Certified Peer Supporter

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Hi I'm Anne, and I'm here to support you!


About Anne Nicholson


I'm a Certified Peer Support Specialist supporting persons living with neurodiversity, trauma, brain injury, mood disorder, personality disorder and caregiver stress. I'm certified as a Mind Body Therapy Practitioner, Crisis Counseling Provider and Transformative Movement Educator and pending certification as a Mentalization Based Treatment Practitioner.


My Recovery Story

I have my own lived experience with neurodiversity (ADHD) and trauma and also as a caregiver of loved ones with autism, ADHD, brain injury, mood disorder and personality disorder.

My Motivation To Help

I remember the people who were there for me when I was struggling to understand my own mind and emotions and learn to live with my neurodiversity and recover from my trauma. Now I can offer that to others.

My Chatrooms

Reflective Skills for Young Adults

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with life? Trying make sense of your thoughts, feelings, experiences and reactions plus navigate your future and build and maintain friendships and relationships?