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I have been devoted to mental health since I was 14 years old. I have worked with and for various organizations and am always looking to help anyone in need. I've had experience with loss of a father from cancer, health issues myself, family issues, abuse and much more. I've studied psychology, mindfulness , and communication for a few years and I know how to listen so you can feel heard.


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Domestic violence

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Grief and loss

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Safe space for anyone who has or is experiencing grief or loss, as someone who has lost their father at the age of 19 i am always happy to help others feeling alone in their recovery through grief

Q and A

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For peer supporters or peers, ask away and ill do my best to figure out the solution or answer to any question


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Psychosis support
Psychosis support
PTSD, Cptsd support
Ptsd and cptsd
Domestic Violence Education
Domestic violence education (intro)
General Support
general support
Domestic violence support
Domestic violence support

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