Jasmin Vitolo Parks Papadopoulos

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

Hi all! I am here to support you in learning healthy coping skills, practice aggressive acceptance and guide you in your journey for self care. My goal is to create a healthy and safe space to exchange ideas and a sustainable support network. My expertise focuses on mindfulness and awareness, and the introduction of healthy practices to replace self destructive behaviors or negative habitual patterns. The mindfulness revolution begins when we take stock, pause and assess, and live our lives from a place of recognition and intentional action.

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About Jasmin Vitolo Parks Papadopoulos


Certified Life Coach. Owner of eudemonia Life Coaching. Mindfulness Revolution. Change & Empowerment Strategies. Former Culinary Badass.


My Recovery Story

I suffer from High Functioning Anxiety, I have taken therapeutic means applied to my process and added a certification to broaden my toolkit. I've managed to transform my life with habits and patterns that better suit me, and by prioritizing and focusing on my mental health. Life is inspiring when you live it authentically, while respecting your boundaries and celebrating your own path.

My Motivation To Help

I want to do my part in ensuring that proper support and encouragement is readily available to all who seek mental health facilitation. By sharing my vast experience in living in a high performance and high intensity environment while suffering from anxiety, I hope I can teach healthy coping skills to people in similar situations.

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A safe space for all Food Service Industry professionals to vent, chat, and support each other!