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[she/they pronouns] Message me directly to schedule a 1:1 (individual) session! I am a peer supporter from Texas, and love meeting with people one on one and supporting you in your journey! I have a multitude of experiences including mental health, substance use, surviving trauma, youth recovery, parenting, and more! My belief is that you ultimately are the expert of your own journey, and it's my job to support you through it. I have a child and 2 cats and you will probably see our black cat in one of the video sessions. I look forward to meeting you!


My Recovery Story

I have been on a journey of recovery for over 11 years, and today I live a life that I never would have thought possible before. I have my down days still, but that hole in the middle of my chest is gone. I have people who support and care about me. I have a life of my own, and I get to be as creative as I want to be. Life is good again, even when it's stressful.

My Motivation To Help

I had a really rough time growing up and turned to substances to help myself survive. It ended up becoming an issue for me really young, and eventually, I got sent to rehab (as a teenager!). It was through mutual aid groups for substance use and peer support along with a lived experience therapist that I was able to start getting better. I still had a long way to go at that point, but today I have hope and peace in my life now. I've now been in recovery for over 9 years! It wasn't easy, but it was so worth it to start reaching out and being supported by others like me who get it.

My Chatrooms

Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery

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Are you dealing with both of these challenges? Come get support from others who have more than one diagnosis, and learn how we are beginning to recover!

Parenting in a Pandemic

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Come connect with others who have been dealing with the stress of Parenting in a pandemic. There will be no judgement of other's parenting decisions allowed, as we recognize that all decisions are hard right now. Whether your kid is homeschooled, virtual learning, in-person for school, or focusing on surviving, this is the place to connect.

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