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Hi! My name is Shira. I am in recovery from depression, anxiety, trauma, and disordered eating. I am here to listen without judgment. You are not alone!

Willing to help others find local resources

About Shira


I am a person with lived experience of mental health challenges including depression, anxiety, trauma, suicidal ideation and attempts, and disordered eating. I am passionate about using my experiences to support others and strongly believe in the value of peer support. I have five years of experience working in national and local peer support organizations. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. One area that I am especially interested in is eating disorders. As a person in recovery from disordered eating myself, I love helping others develop healthier relationships with food and their bodies. I have experience working as an eating disorder recovery specialist as well as blogging and delivering trainings and presentations on topics related to disordered eating. My approach is informed by Health At Every Size, a paradigm that honors size diversity and promotes weight inclusive care.


Recovery Story

I have found help through both therapy and peer support. I am very grateful to have a strong support system and consistent self-care practices.

My Motivation To Help

I have struggled with a number of different mental health challenges, and peer support has been so valuable in my own recovery. I hope to provide the same support to others.

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