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Hello! I'm here to listen without judgement. You are worthy and you deserve to be heard and understood. Let's chat.

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About Mariah Pitts


Hi! I'm Maeby and I'm a wellness counselor in the state of Oregon. With proper support and knowledge everyone can live a fulfilling life. I am confident that you can not only survive, but thrive. I haven't met a single person to this day who has made me think otherwise! Feel free to connect with me. I would love to get to know you, connect you with local resources, and start working with you to reach your goals.


My Recovery Story

I work full-time. I have meaningful relationships and can honestly say I am truly happy. You can be too!

My Motivation To Help

I have faith in people. I have faith in you. I think everyone deserves to be happy and you can get there with the proper support.

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BPD - Living in the grey

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Living in the grey.