Pal Robinson

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Accepting New Connections

Hello! Welcome, I do hope you are well. We're all here to find the new me and be able to see who you are! We're here to love ourselves through the healing. We all can heal and help each other through this life. You are not alone. You are valued and wanted!

Willing to help others find local resources

About Pal Robinson


My name is palvineo I am a Certified Family Youth Peer Counselor I specialize in Adoption Trauma Attachment disorder I also do life coaching in these categories Life Purpose Coach Happiness Life Coach Goal Success Life Coach Forgiveness Life Coach Professional Life Coach mindfulness. I'm also an ordained chaplain/minister


My Recovery Story

Recovery was hard! Not gonna lie. It was hard work....YET IT WAS WORTH EVERYTHING!!!! It was the hardest thing I have ever done! My whole life became about helping others out.

My Motivation To Help

I love life! In the past, I couldn't make this same statement. I was an addict. I struggled with attachment disorder, PTSD, cognitive disorder, anxiety, and suicide. I was a wreck.

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For those that struggle with being adopted and have attachment disorder. you are not alone. The feelings are normal and are mixed about things lets help each other through this and learn to grow.