Milan Fisher

Licensed Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

Hello there! My name is Milan and I am a professional wellness consultant and peer provider with lived experience as a multiple attempt survivor, domestic abuse overcomer, and I am living with a complex terminal illness. I am also the parent to 2 wonderful adult children: One received a diagnosis of a dual diagnosis disorder and is an accomplished artist. My 2nd child was diagnosed as neurodivergent at age 5 and is a laboratory manager and a great human being. Your truth, experience, & hope matter to me and I am here to listen!

Willing to help others find local resources

About Milan Fisher


With over 20 years of service in peer advocacy, disability rights, healthcare equity, & mutual aid space, Milan has proven to be a formidable leader & facilitator. Elder suicide & isolation prevention, community grief & emotional support counseling, championing unserved & underserved communities of color via direct peer service & advocacy, a licensed minister & NFDA's 2018 Professional Woman of the Year for her merit & service as a death doula, especially for those impacted by suicide & terminal illness- I have NOT walked in your shoes, yet I bet we've traveled down some of the same paths!


My Recovery Story

My recovery journey was not linear, easy, or fair! Yet, by radically accepting different modalities of therapy, and wraparound services, and reclaiming my identity- I have a wonderful life worth living.

My Motivation To Help

It was when I humbled myself enough to acknowledge the validity and wisdom from others' lived experiences that I realized I wasn't alone and my pain was not unique. This is why I facilitate, hold space for others, and assist in coordinating resources. Constantly being labeled as "strong," "resilient," and "courageous" is very, very tiring. Let's be honest, compassionate, and vulnerable.

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