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About Carrie


A Phoenix Rising, that's me. A life full of "chosen" experiences has given me the tools necessary to "walk in one's shoes", my near death experience and complete transformation is what has given me the confidence necessary to be bold enough to take on the restoration of every human beings self-worth and true power, that i come into contact with. I am truly in the business of caring about people and am thankful everyday ti have the opportunity to do so.


Recovery Story

I feel that I can GENUINELY put myself into almost anyone's shoes and am grateful for that gift. This is THE BEST JOURNEY EVER and I wouldn't change it for the world! One love.


Hey there! Im Carrie, a Certified Peer Specialist in Western Washington State. 2 yrs ago, I obtained my peer certification, and that was the moment that I realized that literally every moment I've lived through, up to that point, had undeniably been to prepare me for this part of my journey. I am Humanity's cheerleader! I would be honored 2 walk your journey with you, but-as only as a guiding light, as it is for only you to experience it all. This is because it's TRULY YOUR JOURNEY.

My Motivation To Help

My motivation is the simple knowledge of the fact that there really IS an amazingly different side of the reality an individual experiences while in their Dark Night of The Soul.

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