Alicia Hunt

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

I am a recovering addict and currently have 14 1/2 years of clean time, yay me!!! My full motivation for helping others comes from my past experience.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Alicia Hunt


Hello & welcome! My name is Alicia and I’m excited you’re here! I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist and Recovery Coach. I reside in North Carolina with my husband and two daughters. I look forward to getting to know you and travel this journey of recovery with you!


My Recovery Story

My Motivation To Help

I want to see others thrive in their recovery. I believe ending the stigma and opening our minds is the gateway to learning & putting forth our best in recovery.

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Rescued & Rescuing
Helping others because I’ve been down that road too.