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Howdy! Thanks for reaching out. JJ here. It's important for me that you feel heard when facing your challenges. I am here to listen and support you as a peer.

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About Jj Godwin


JJ is a Certified Peer in Texas, specializing in meeting peers where they are in their own recovery journey. Recovery looks different and is as unique as the person seeking Recovery. JJ is a GenderQueer individual who uses pronouns they/them and believes in "doing the work worth doing, to create the life worth living". Sometimes we find it easier to accomplish this goal when we do this work together.


Recovery Story

Recovery is an ongoing process. I have attended treatment programs and continue being supported by my own team of awesomeness. I also live by the Mental Health Peer Specialist Code of Ethics for the State of Texas and the values of authenticity, honesty, mutuality, open-mindedness, respect, hope, resiliency, self-determination, and being trauma-informed.

My Motivation To Help

I struggled with suicidal ideation a majority of my life and believed for most of it that everyone moved through life in complete and utter depression, all the time. After completing treatment I learned that I could build a live worth living for myself, based on my own values, not those which were placed upon me by my family of origin and society. By defining these values for myself, I am able to get to know myself and live a full and authentic life, meeting my own needs first. It is from this place of abundance that I am able to support others in their own journey of self discovery.

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