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Greetings, my name is David! Your story is very important to your recovery, as mine is to me. I've suffered from the battle of addiction and mental illness for over 20 yrs. I spent 4 years of my life living in a treatment facility to learn how to change my thinking and deal with the daily battle of mental illness. I'm here to help! Let's chat and see if we can make some progress.

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About James Turner


I started my journey to recovery in July of 2018. I have slept, lived and breathed recovery every day since then up until a year ago next month. Today I am in active recovery from alcohol & substance abuse disorder. I'm diagnosed with bipolar type 2, depression, and PTSD. Through years of Counseling and countless Peer support classes I have been able to learn coping techniques. I have 10 months of Peer Support training and 40 hrs of KY required education and passed the state exam with a 96%.


My Recovery Story

Today I have freedom of choice, mended relationships and starting to gain the resources to be able to live and sustain a life that is beyond remarkable.

My Motivation To Help

I've been to the very bottom, as far as you can go. I have wasted 20+ years of my life, destroyed relationships and I know what it feels like to want a better way of life.

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