De Laney Hampton

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

No matter what it is you may be facing I look forward to hearing about it and going through it with you. How can I empower you to empower yourself in your life? Let's get started together today!

Willing to help others find local resources

About De Laney Hampton


Hi, I'm DeLaney! I'm a Certified Peer Support Specialist in Arizona and Montana. I'm currently working on achieving National Peer Support as well as training in Trauma Informed and WRAP. I have over 20 years experience with mental health and addiction. I'm diagnosed with disassociative disorder, C-PTSD, anxiety and clinical depression. It stems from a dysfunctional childhood with narcissistic and alcoholic adults who carried on generational abuse and neglect. I believe wholeheartedly that we not only need to heal from our mental health and addictions, but we need to get to the core of our issues which are usually trauma related, to truly have successful wellness and recovery journeys. I know what it's like to struggle and overcome alone. I'm motivated by knowing what I endured in my life prepared me for my life's purpose, to empower others to empower themselves! I love what I do. I can't wait to do it with you!


My Recovery Story

I lost my only child 4 years ago. I felt empty. I took Peer Support training and did EMDR therapy. I started doing this and thriving in life again with a new purpose for my life.

My Motivation To Help

I am motivated to help others because of the obstacles in my life I have been able to overcome with the people in my life that inspired me with their achievements.

My Chatrooms

Self Care

Members: 11

This group is all about what self care is, ways to do it and making sure we are doing it so let's make it fun so we are!

Support Group for Loss of Child/Children

Members: 10

This is a group for support of anyone who has lost a child of any age.

Life Skills

Members: 6

This is a group to talk about and learn life skills. It can be anything from balancing a checkbook, budgeting, cooking, swapping recipes, laundry/ cleaning tips, setting boundaries, communication skills, how to do a resume, etc.

Women Warriors

Members: 11

This group is about strong women that are all about getting "it" done because there is no option. It's to support the Warriors in every woman struggling, overcoming and being a woman in today's chaos we call life. Whatever is on your mind that's what we're talking about. Join us ladies!

Support for Parents of Special Needs Kid's

Members: 19

If you are parent of a specials needs kid{s} of any age and/or and diagnosis this group is here to support you. We don't even need to talk about your kid's. We can talk about YOU. How can this group support you mom's? Dad's too...