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Experienced and self motivated human services worker who has supervisory experience and excellent crisis intervention skills. Possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with minor in Psychology. Is recognized as both a Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) and a Certified Peer Recovery Coach (CPRC) by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and as a Certified Peer Specialist in the State of Georgia. I am an experienced group leader who is certified to facilitate SMART Recovery & (WHAM) Whole Health Action Management.

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About Edward Yenor


Hello, I’m Ed. A traumatic and chaotic childhood that resulted in me me becoming a foster kid eventually led to a 14 year career working with troubled youth in the Juvenile Justice field. During those 14 years I worked in a variety of roles. In addition to working as a youth specialist, I also served as a union chairman, a shift supervisor, and as a crisis intervention trainer. After having some personal struggles and losing my ability to work full time, I returned to college and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Psychology. I have worked approximately 4 years in Peer Support & Recovery Coaching roles. In Georgia I am Recognized as a Certified Peer Specialist, and in Michigan I am both a Certified Peer Support Specialist and Certified Peer Recovery Coach. I have experience leading groups and am certified to facilitate WHAM and SMART Recovery.


Recovery Story

I realize that my recovery story is definitely unconventional. Returning to college for the reasons that I did is definitely atypical. Going back to school gave me an opportunity to face my fears and self doubts, my feelings of regret and inferiority because I didn’t have a college degree; but above all else, it gave me something to do besides sit around and think about how much I hated myself. It helped me begin the road to recovery.

My Motivation To Help

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe.”

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