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I am 63 years old I have lived a long full life so far and plan more years to come I hope, I grew up to be what most little boys want to be, I was a Fireman, I was a Policeman, I was a Sargeant in the Army, I was a Short Order Cook, I was even an Indian Chief. Just ask me I tell you all about my life. So I have Been There Done That got a closet full of T-Shirt.

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About Barry Mauldin


Hi, my name is Mr.Barry I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist. I served 16 years in the US Army. I was born in a small town in northwest Georgia that is where I joined the Army, After leaving the Army, I spent 20 years in Centre, Alabama where I was a Lunchroom Manager after I retired. I moved to Kentucky to be near my 4 wonderful grandchildren and Daughter and Son-in-Law. After I moved started working with people with problems online and trying to help them.


My Recovery Story

I was a caregiver for someone with Mental Illness for over 20 years. I also was suffering from Depression and Anxiety myself. I am in a good place in my life I want to give back.

My Motivation To Help

I was very lucky to find someone to help me and have started to heal, But it took a lot of love and hard work and I want I can help someone and support them and help them heal

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