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My name is Glenda, also known as Suki. You are not alone and together we can make a difference. Without our life experience we wouldn't know some of the things we do now. I want you to know that I am here without any judgments and ready to listen. I know that Recovery can be a huge challenge but even then I believe that we can make a change. When there is Hope and Advocates there isn't a reason to be afraid. Remember we have each other to support one another and a new path we will create.

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About G Suki


I am a Peer Supporter, Poet and an Artist. My reasons for getting into this field is because I want to help anyone who has gone through similar struggles as myself and I started noticing that we need more people with life experience who can help others with similarities. let them know that it's okay to seek for help because there are so many resources (Anyone can help but the question is how much can we trust someone who can't relate with the same feelings or difficulties we’ve gone through?).


Recovery Story

Pain, traumas and struggles caused me to deal with self harm and substance use. It wasn't easy to Recover from but it made me realize I wanted to make a differences and I did.

My Motivation To Help

I motivate People through Poetry and Art to express themselves and let them know we all need to be heard because we all have a story to share.

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