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Hi Peers! It's so great that you've discovered this space of compassion, non-judgment and understanding. I'm looking forward to connecting with you.

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About Melissa (She/Her)


I'm your peer - working with you, for you. I am also a Professional Certified Coach, so I help individuals through both Peer Support and Personal Coaching. I have a wealth of knowledge around relationship effectiveness, personal development, clear communication, self-improvement, health and wellness, community engagement and goal achievement. I have created and executed many support groups, workshops and coaching groups. I specialize in working for those in behavioral health and addiction recovery. I studied psychology as an undergrad and completed the Co-Active Coaching certification program with the Coaches Training Institute. I have many years of lived experience in recovery, overcoming trauma and the effects of narcissistic family dynamics.


Recovery Story

My recovery status is one of doing my best every day. Some weeks my advances are baby steps and some weeks there are bigger steps. Over all, there is progress toward health.

My Motivation To Help

My motivation for help has almost always been sheer determination to do and BE better than my abusers. I knew that I couldn't live with myself if I caused others to feel the way that I had was made to feel. I wanted to STOP the family pathology from here on.

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