Ronald D.

State Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

Life is going to hurt sometimes. We have tremendous inherent ability to improve our own well-being but it isn't always clear how to proceed. I offer a non-judgmental space to connect and be heard.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Ronald Davis


I was a teacher for many years but struggled with ADHD, major depression, & anxiety. A sudden health crisis left me unable to tolerate any of the medications I'd been prescribed and the ensuing symptoms left me unable to work. I eventually was able to foster the self awareness and willingness to evolve away from long-term patterns and core negative beliefs and to recognize and process painful emotions.


My Recovery Story

I live life from a much more centered, peaceful and healthy place than at any time in my adult life.

My Motivation To Help

I have a passion for being of use to others as they navigate their own way in life.

My Chatrooms