Bridges was doing cloud-based community augmentation before any of us heard the word "Covid" or "Coronavirus."

With Covid-19, now we all feel it.  Something is not quite right in Ameirca. We need community.   Bridges believes we need relational connection, with each other and with God. 

Bridges seeks to create a new type of leader for a new model of church that will spread throughout the many communities and subcultures of America.    Since its inception in 2010, Bridges has empowered 120 leaders who have discipled over 400 people.  Together they have established new Christ-following, low-cost church communities that carry out life-transforming activities such as helping pregnant teenagers, feeding the hungry, assisting the elderly and encouraging single moms. 

Bridges assists and mentors these local leaders by providing Assessment, Coaching, Training, and Support (ACTS Services). With the help of strategic partners from churches and businesses, Bridges empowers leaders to help others holistically, i.e. mind, body, and spirit, and empowers them to start new Christ-following community groups that work for the common good. 

These ACTS Services-trained community leaders are called “Bridge Leaders” and represent the new movement of local groups that work for the transformation of America.  Bridges aims to raise up and empower 220 Bridge Leaders by the end of 2020 who will disciple over 880 people in multiple States throughout America.

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