Parenting Support Group - Hey Peers Certified

Hosted by: Thomara
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Category: parenting
Topic: Parenting during challenging times
Focus: Tools and ideas to use for stress
Private: No
Exclusive: No

Parenting Support Group - Hey Peers Certified


You are not alone. Times are changing and uncertain. The stress from the current situation and changing needs of parenting can be challenging. Join us at an upcoming support group. Learn from your facilitator on how you can ease the stress caused by challenging situations and from parents like you who are going through similar situations. You will receive real life tips and strategies. You will leave feeling connected and not alone and hopefully learn how to approach your own situation.

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As an IBH or Claremont member, you now have access to online support groups that focus on mental health and wellness topics. These online peer support groups are an extra benefit for members over the age of 18. Meet others who share similar experiences to your own and learn new techniques to help you achieve your mental health and wellness goals. Register for the meetings that interest you. Topics change weekly.

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