Hey Peers Certified Addiction Recovery Groups

Hosted by: Melissa Morgan Tang
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Category: addiction
Topic: The Pain of Not Belonging
Focus: Addictive Behaviors
Private: No
Exclusive: No

Hey Peers Certified Addiction Recovery Groups


The Self Recovery program is a blend of the most successful treatments in the world, proven through research to help people end addiction with much better and longer-lasting results than traditional approaches. Self Recovery offers 6 modules that walk you step-by-step through every part of addiction that you need to know to finally end it.

IBH and Claremont

IBH and Claremont
Online Peer Support Groups

As an IBH or Claremont member, you now have access to online support groups that focus on mental health and wellness topics. These online peer support groups are an extra benefit for members over the age of 18. Meet others who share similar experiences to your own and learn new techniques to help you achieve your mental health and wellness goals. Register for the meetings that interest you. Topics change weekly.

If you need help signing up or getting into you meeting you can call (888) 799-0907 ext. 2 or email us at support@peersupportsolutions.com. To find out more information on your benefits and services, visit us at www.ibhsolutions.com.
If you need to contact Claremont please call (800) 834-3773 or email: Help@claremonteap.com.  

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